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  • CORE Sensor 3 & 3S Bar Endcap Lever Bungee (#16)

    R 106.20
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    Exchangeable bar endcap lever bungee.

    color: black & white

  • CORE Surf Straps

    R 682.20
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    There if you need ‘em. The CORE Strap set features two super comfortable Velcro straps, four V2A stainless steel screws, and four V2A anti-twist plates with variable screw positions. Our fully adjustable straps feel great in bare feet or booties with just the right amount of support. Need a little confidence on those big waves? Try CORE straps next time.

  • SENSOR 3 & 3S Bar Power Line (#5)

    R 808.20
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Exchangeable control bar spare part power line. Contains Powerline, SSF Rope and frontline ring set.

  • CORE SENSOR Tectanium® Lines 2m + 4m + 18m

    R 5,720.00
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    Exclusively developed for CORE by Liros, the market leader in specialized aeronautical and sail cordage. The virtually tangle-free, no stretch, Tectanium center and steering lines are 400% more resistant to elongation and feature an unbelievable 50% greater breaking strength. To cap things off, the lines are 10% thinner and, therefore, more aerodynamic.


    • 10 percent lighter and thinner
    • 50 percent higher break load
    • 400 percent higher stretch resistance


    A small but important detail relates to how we finish our line end loops. We don’t simply fold over the line and stitch it up. No, that’s cheating. We braid the loop before stitching and finishing for a safer, stronger, and more aerodynamic connection.

  • CORE Equalizer 3 Fin 48mm

    R 1,618.20
    Rated 0 out of 5

    48MM G10 Cutback FINS

    Our biggest fin, the Cutback, is designed for extreme grip in any conditions. Aim high, go big and let’r rip with this finely tuned G10 fin. G10 is a continuous filament, woven, fiberglass that we specifically use on all our fins for its super high strength and dimensional stability.

  • CORE SLC Stabilizer (Rear Wing)

    R 4,842.00
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  • CORE SLC Mast 71cm

    R 1,962.00
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  • CORE SLC Foil Wing 1000cm²

    R 10,242.00
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  • CORE Union Pro 4

    R 4,776.94
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  • Carved Ultra pads and straps

    R 5,382.00
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  • Carved Ultra 2 pads and straps

    R 7,280.14
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    R 33,355.14
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