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  • CORE Surf Straps

    R 682.20
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    There if you need ‘em. The CORE Strap set features two super comfortable Velcro straps, four V2A stainless steel screws, and four V2A anti-twist plates with variable screw positions. Our fully adjustable straps feel great in bare feet or booties with just the right amount of support. Need a little confidence on those big waves? Try CORE straps next time.


    R 2,924.80
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  • CORE Union Pro 4

    R 4,776.94
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  • CORE Union Comfort 2

    R 3,733.94
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  • CORE Union Comfort pads and straps

    R 2,682.00
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  • Carved Ultra pads and straps

    R 5,382.00
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  • Carved Ultra 2 pads and straps

    R 7,280.14
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  • Carved Ultra 2 pads and straps Small Straps Demo

    R 6,282.00
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    High functionality meets premium comfort.

    Ultra pads and straps. The best hold for the best twintip.

    Easy-to-adjust Power Trim.

    Micro-adjust your straps on the fly with our snowboard-inspired bindings. Click, click, and they’re snug! Our latest generation features simplified complexity and improved functionality. Less material, smoother rachets, thicker padding, and optimized strap curvature provide sneaker-like comfort and ease of use.

    Ultra Pads. Ultra comfort.

    The perfect balance between board feel and cushioning comfort. This pad feels a bit sportier without losing its shock-absorbing comfort. Easy to slide in. And a killer hold. Go Ultra.

    Sizes: S / L

    Delivery: Straps, pads, and mounting screws

    Compatibility: Fits on all boards with 16.5cm inserts (does not fit on Imperator V).

    More info at: corekites.com/us/carved/accessories/ultra

  • CORE Traction Pad

    R 738.70
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    Each Traction Pad Sold Separately

  • Sale!

    CORE Union 3 Pro One size Demo Straps

    R 2,485.00
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    Demo with very little use