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CORE GTS6 5m Kite


The GTS6 is designed for high-perfomance megaloop-style riding. What makes the GTS5 special is the insane speed with which it ‘catches’ after a kiteloop. Thanks to this catch-speed, a skilled rider can have the confidence to put their kite low and trust it’s going to come back to save them. It races to the top super fast! This kite rewards extremely skilled riders, although it lacks the windrange and ease-of-use of the XR6. It also performs well as an unhooked-freestyle kite.

What we like

Extremely fast catch after a kiteloop

What we don’t like

Less sheet-in-and-go than the XR6

Jump report

Although this kite requires more precise, technical input than kites like the XR6, it is no stranger to going massive. The shape is such that it produces less lift than flatter kites like the XR6 per sqm, but the surface area in the wingtips make the kite more stable.

Loop report

It says kiteloop machine on the bag, and we’ve got to agree!

Unhooking report

If unhooking and big air are your priorities, this is a great option for you!

It feels like

Very direct steering, thanks to the short bridles.

This product is made for

Extreme megaloops, with short lines or otherwise. Also great for unhooked freestyle according to our BAK team-riders.

Quality report

Smooth-sliding pulleys, double-stitched seem on the leading edge

Weapon of choice for

Josh Emanuel, Steven Akkersdijk, Angely Bouillot


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