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CORE Sensor 3 Pro Bar


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At first glance, the CORE bar seems simple, but we recognize that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

It comes with a 50cm leash and a badass bar bag.

The first upgrade from the Sensor 2 to the 3 that you will notice is the red push-away quick release.

What we like

Lines untwist effortlessly when you pull the bar in. None of our team-riders have ever reported issues with stretching of these lines.

The lines can be adjusted to 18, 20, 22 or 24m.

440kg breaking strength.

It feels like

Beautiful. The Griploc grip feels great in the hands. This bar has earned our trust after having put it through the wringer.

This product is made for

Great for all riding styles! The adjustable line lengths make it simple to set up your bar for megaloops, old-school, freestyle, foiling, or anything you like. You can also adjust the bar width from 50cm to 46.5cm with satisfying ease.

Quality report

For the most part, this bar is frictionless. The leader lines are PU coated with the Sensor 3, so that’s one less part to replace over time. After seasoned use, the lines have not demonstrated any fraying. The floats are separate from the bar, which we love. The benefit is that if your floats get damaged, the whole bar isn’t a write-off. We prefer this to the alternative of fixed floats that we see with other brands.

Weapon of choice for

Maarten Haeger, Josh Emanuel, Janek Grzegorzewski, Steven Akkersdijk, High Mike

What’s included

It comes with a 50cm leash and multi bag.


12 months

3 reviews for CORE Sensor 3 Pro Bar

  1. Sebastian

    You definitely get what you pay for with this bar! Probably the most well-designed and surely the most sleek-looking bar on the market!

  2. Hugo

    Expensive, but worth it.
    After reviewing many bars, I decided to try out Core’s Sensor 3, as the Sensor 2 has the old QR which can be problematic. That’s solved on this one, but that should be a given. What’s great about this bar is the set of lines which allow you to kite with 18m, 20m, 22m, and 24m lines without an hassle. It is also super light yet sturdy. And you need need to worry about twisting your central lines ever again with it, something which is still lacking from other expensive bars from top kite brands

  3. Fabian Jakobs

    Epic bar
    These bars are sold out almost everywhere, but i received mine quick. What i like most about is the new coating, it feels very nice when i’m on the water and enjoying what i like most. Also to mention, the big air kite team was very helpful when i had questions regarding the bar.

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