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LIEUWE Oceana – BAKL Royale

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The BAKL Royale depicts the Big Air Kite League’s maiden voyage into the unchartered, stormy territories of the 2021 tour. The journey started in the big air Mecca that is Cape Town and it has returned triumphant, to battle these stormy seas once again. The Cape of Storms can be a wild place, with giant seas and thunderous skies, making for epic tales and thrilling adventure. That’s what big air kiters live for and that’s what this board signifies to us ⚡

We commissioned South African artist Marti Lund, who’s a seasoned creator of board-artwork and fine art, to bring this big air board to life!

This board is designed for extreme performance with perfect control in the most extreme conditions.



The Oceana feels at home in strong wind conditions. It’s medium to hard-flex Ultra light wood-core let’s you keep your edge and gives you the explosive pop to send it, whilst its 3d shape is designed to create a forgiving landing experience, guiding the board automatically in the right direction, almost as if you are landing on auto-pilot.



A precision-engineered concave breaks the water at the landing to absorb the impact, while smaller side channels provide additional grip at take-off. To get a stronger, stiffer but still lightweight feel, the wood core is slightly thicker and specific fibres are placed in the longitudinal direction, increasing the overall performance. A custom Teijin Twaron®️ Aramide upgrade is available for the real connoisseurs to increase its stiffness and pop even further.



Here are some of our recommendations for riders with default* expectations of the board’s performance.

  • Oceana 137 x 40 <65-85kg
  • Oceana 141 x 41 >85 kg

✔ We’re so certain you’re gonna love it that we’re giving you a 60-days-money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it – no questions asked!

What’s included

Fins and handle


12 months


137, 141


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